Create a harmonious business strategy and personal growth agenda
by using the transformational energy of the Summer
In only 4 hours let go of confusion, develop a clear vision and an enjoyable plan for the season ahead.

Hi, I'm Blanca
Being the poster perfect A type woman brought me ill health, loneliness and a huge hunger for the deep power of the feminine. So I quit my massively masculine life in the corporate world. Since then my life has been blooming grounded in the feminine: intuition, patience, wholeness. I learned to leverage my cyclical nature.

That has changed my health, my relationships, my business and, well, actually my entire life!

Now I'm paying it forward to other women who want the whole enchilada (love, grace, money, time, fun) This retreat leverages the seasonal change to design a business and life you love.

At the end of this mini retreat you’ll have all you need to receive
  • Clarity and focus on YOUR true priorities
  • A 100% YOU life: no more self-editing and self-censoring
  • Tune into this season’s energy of harvest and take action on your plan
  • 20x higher chance of achieving your vision

Is this retreat for you?
This is for female entrepreneurs who are tired of settling for less and compromising. Get more clarity on your strategic choices and create an amazing life!

Blanca’s  planning session was a revelation and brought me clarity about my purpose and intention in the coming months. By guided questions it made me realize what it is that I want to keep and what I want to change and get rid of. It has eliminated a lot of stress and lifted a weight off my shoulders because I understood what I wanted and needed to do the coming period and I had a good planning. Thank you Blanca.

Violeta van Engeldorp Gastelaars-Visean

The planning session with Blanca gave me space to work out who I wanted to be and what I wanted to achieve. I found it really powerful to be able to do this with other women in a collaborative and empowering space. It has set me up well in what I want to achieve for the remainder of 2020!

Sumaera Hasan

We’ll achieve that by:
  • Leveraging the power of the feminine and of the summer in an online retreat of two sessions of 2 hours in a safe and loving space
  • Tapping your intuition you’ll discover your
    • strategic plan for your business which integrates the vision of your ideal life and soul purpose
    • tactical choices to make the strategy very actionable and decisions massively simple
  • Identifying your obstacles so that you can already plan for surprises
  • To assure execution you’ll get personalized advice for implementation

"Blanca helped us creating an action plan listening to our real desires and motivations, finding a perfect balance between business and personal growth in an easy and efficient way! The great way to plan"

Nane Vazquez Bertely
What you will get
  • Two online meetings: Monday Jun 21 and Tuesday Jun 22 from 09:00 to 11:00 CET (Amsterdam) in Zoom
  • Visualization exercises to connect with your wisdom and your intuition
  • Powerful handouts to document your insights
  • Breakout sessions to mastermind your plans with fellow participants

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